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Complementary medicine for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, with effective herbal medicines  Magnet therapy • Reiki • Rejuvenation  Recover self-esteem  Control stress and anxiety   Nutrition  Oracle readings  Deep relaxation massage  Aura cleansing  Crystal therapy

What is Herbal Medicine? 

Worldwide, scientific herbalism recommends the use of specific medicinal plants containing special properties, called´Prabhava´ in Sanscrit to naturally increase the body´s digestive powers, without provoking secondary or side effects. Subsequently, this regulates and rejuvenates the whole organism and at the same time, reinforces the immune system.

Specific herbs are used to detox or clean the organism, consequently avoiding certain diseases due to congestion in the primary organs. 

Herbs do not have a palliative effect but cause a real intervention in the process of healing by regenerating the cells of the organs and improving their functions. 

What is Magnet Therapy?

Over the past decades more and more people have been discovering the wonders of this therapeutic technique that utilises the magnet’s induction properties to prevent and cure a large number of diseases and pains. With magnet therapy you can:

Become your own doctor

Save time and money

Avoid pharmaceuticals


All consultations are conducted by a bachelor-qualified naturopath (BA3287) with over 20-years experience. To book a consultation, telephone 0121 408 8912, or email gokulmemo98765@gmail.com