What is Magnet Therapy?

Over the past decades more and more people have been discovering the wonders of this therapeutic technique that utilises the magnet’s induction properties to prevent and cure a large number of diseases and pains.  Magnet therapy has caught the attention of medical practitioners worldwide, as well as the general public – ‘the magnets proving to work successfully in the majority of the cases treated’. Patients who have tried serial number of therapies to treat their diseases, without positive results have turned to magnet therapy as a last resort - and they have become better, or their ailments have simply been cured after a proper application, or even after the first application.

Paracelsus, Tesla and Newton were some of the first physicians in the west to utilise magnetism as a therapeutic agent.   Magnetism when applied to the biology of plants and animals achieved indisputable conclusions, establishing that a large number of diseases can be treated successfully with the application of magnetism.

Even with the great use of magnetism, modern man still does not know what makes magnetite attract iron and other metals, and magnetic metals such as nickel and cobalt.  Magnetite is a natural stone or rock found in certain places on earth.  In our technology the magnet has become essential in daily life: televisions, computers, refrigerators, speakers etc. all use magnets to function.

 Magnetism - a universal force

What we know about the magnet is that it has a polarity - positive and negative. Every magnet has these two polarities. Both poles of the magnetic field have different therapeutic properties. Magnetism is a universal force contained in the atom, as well as in the solar system. The Earth is a huge magnet. Without magnetism, nothing in the universe would be possible. Even cells have a polarity. When they loose their polarity, this is when disharmony and disease occurs. Attraction and repulsion are the laws that allows our stars to float in space. 

 Magnets to treat, infections pains and diseases

For many years magnet therapist  have been utilising magnets and magnetised water to cure infections, pains, wounds, bone diseases, gall stones, arthritis, gastric diseases, tumours, cancers,  etc. The magnetic inductions positively effect the iron contained within the haemoglobin of the blood, improving its capacity to absorb and transport oxygen and nutrients more efficiently. All the liquids inside our system are also positively affected by the magnetism. Its molecular chains perfectly connected.

                                                 Magnet therapy patient case study:

"On one occasion, I effectively applied magnet therapy to cure a case of advanced gangrene present in both the legs of a male, age 35. The person had already been in hospital for many days, the gangrene so aggressive that infected flesh was being removed from his legs every day and both legs were severely wounded. At the beginning he was sceptical about the efficiency of magnet therapy and refused the treatment. However, after a few days more in hospital and noticing that his legs were still ‘loosing tissue’ painfully he contacted me asking to try the magnets. Just hours after the application of the magnets he felt relief, and within a few days the gangrene started to dry and the wounds began to heal. In a matter of weeks, the man was walking again..."                                                  

 How do magnets work?

Magnets for beauty anti-ageing and intelligence

The anti-ageing properties that magnets can bring to all the living tissues of the body are also well recorded. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt used a magnet on her forehead to retard the ageing process and increase her mental capacity. The pineal gland receives the benefits of the magnetic inductions when applied.

 Magnets and the chakras

Magnet therapy works on the electromagnetic impulses of the body, in other words, when applied in the treatment, the magnets effect our aura and the chakras, bringing healing from another level of the subtle tissue matter.

        A cost effective method to treat many different ailments

In recent years the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical industry have disregarding the therapeutic properties of simple magnetic inductions as ‘magnet therapy’ would make the treatment of ailments so much cheaper and less complicated, subsequently impacting upon the earnings of big corporations.

As a magnet therapist practitioner, I have seen the magnets work wonders in many different types of ailments. It is sure in the near future that this new technique is going to become adopted by the general public because of its efficiency and cheap price!